Wound Debridement Course Outline

Wound Debridement Course Description: 


World of Wounds is pleased to offer an online learning module combined with a twilight seminar wound debridement workshop

This exciting new program offers a six hour online learning package which will be available on the Latrobe University Learning Management System (LMS) for students to complete. This will be available for students three weeks prior to the twilight workshop.

face to face workshop of three hours is then scheduled for students to attend to consolidate the online learning and engage in a ‘hands on’ session with pig trotters, practising the skills of conservative sharp wound debridement.

The online learning package includes;

  • An online, interactive discussion relating to wound debridement
  • A case study – which is to be completed by the student, submitted and then this will be further discussed on the twilight workshop
  • A quiz which is designed to test your knowledge
  • A twilight workshop of three hours duration which will involve an overview of the information provided in this module
  • The twilight workshop will include a ‘hands on’ workshop where participants will perform conservative sharp wound debridement on pig trotters
  • A certificate of attendance will be distributed to those successfully completing all components of this module


  • Discuss the importance of patient consent in relation to wound debridement
  • Discuss anatomy and physiology of the skin
  • Identify the principles of wound debridement
  • Define the mechanisms of wound debridement
  • Explore the clinical, professional and legal issues regarding debridement
  • Discuss the clinical evidence supporting debridement
  • Perform conservative sharp wound debridement

This program is currently run only for Division 1 and Enrolled Nurses who carry the portfolio of wound care or work directly with wound care.

Certified hours of Professional Development (Nursing and Midwifery): 10 hours

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