Wound Comprehensive Course Outline

Wound Comprehensive Course Description: 


Unravelling the complexities of wound care. This program is designed for community nurses, aged care nurses, acute care nurses, outreach nurses, practice nurses, and others attending wound care-podiatrists, OT, physio, pharmacists and medical students.The program will challenge some current practices and involve workshops on problem solving, describing wound tissue, setting aims, product selection, compression therapy, off-loading of the foot wounds, topical negative pressure devices and latest research in the area of wound healing physiology. A visit to the vascular lab and hyperbaric chambers provide students with the opportunity to explore various avenues in wound management.
Day OneNormal wound healing physiology- Acute to chronic, NutritionOther factors influencing healing

Systemic Medications & Wound healing

Wound tissue assessment and making the link

A trade display from leading wound care companies

Day Two

Wound products and devices

Acute wounds such as skin tears, surgical wounds, burns, skin grafts and flaps

Malignancies and unusual wounds

Wound dehiscence and TNP therapy

Day Three

The high risk foot

Pressure injury & pressure reduction devices

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy

Tour of hyperbaric unit

Vascular investigations

ABPI theory and practice

Day Four

Visit to vascular laboratory

Lower limb ulceration and compression bandaging theory workshop

Consolidating knowledge with practicum sessions, photos, papers Q &A

Certified hours of Professional Development (Nursing and Midwifery): 24 hours

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