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We’re currently collating our product reviews and will be listing them below once complete.


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11 comments on “Product Reviews”

    • mgbrooks Reply

      What products are you looking at reviewing? What is your main type of wound within your practice?
      -WoW Team

    • Elaine Henry RN Reply

      I would like a review on product effectiveness and cost for treating epistaxis please

      • admin Reply

        Hi Elaine
        There are many different products that can treat epistaxis. Firstly, you should investigate the causative factors. For example a CT Sinus.

        However, in the meantime, Kaltostat by ConvaTec has haemostatic properties to assist, however, before putting any dressing into a cavity in which you can not see the base, causative investigative factors must be looked into first.

        Kind Regards
        WoW Team

  1. Peta Schneider Reply

    Yes would like a review on lyofoam (compared to other foams) and also alginates (compared to hydrofibres) suitable for deep cavity wounds (pressure areas).

    • WoW Team Reply

      Hi Peta
      I will try and find some articles that compare the above to inform you in regards to pressure areas.

      Is there a particular case you continue to see, or type of wound you are thinking of?

      – WOW Team

    • admin Reply

      Hi Peta
      After looking into your question, for a wound itself it depends on many factors to why you would choose a particular product. You need to assess your goal of care, to what your intention of healing is, to then what product would be best suitable. Due to all patients having different comorbidities, unfortunately there is not a “best fit” dressing. And even if there was a foam you like, you may need a different foam brand if the patient has skin allergies, for example. As you can see there are so many different factors. In terms of comparing alginates to hydrofibres, that’s like comparing apples and oranges. They are completely different products, with different mechanisms of action. If you would like to learn more about products or have a consultant come out and look at the products you use and streamline, you can either come to the WoW Wound Fundamentals or WoW 4 day Comprehensive Course where it outlines all of this.

      Please see the link below to take you to the page.

      I hope that helps.

      WoW Team

  2. Diana Reply

    We have a wound from Bali, which had several sinuses sent to surge review – was curette in hospital – tissue necrosis
    now have a well 2.5 cm x 2 in thigh, some minor slough residue at bottom, we have been using gauze soaked with ‘Macrodycin’ solution
    do you have any other suggestions for products or would you continue with this regime

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