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Speciality Night: Lymphodema

Hi World of Wounds Friends, The first seminar will be Lymphodema Speciality night, with a whole night in the presence of the acclaimed specialist Maree O’Connor. Venue: The Alfred Centre, The Alfred Hospital Level 4 Time: 5:30pm-8:30pm *registration at 5pm Thursday August 10th 2017 Cost: $180 * early bird Please see the attached flyer for

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Speciality Night: Burns

World of Wounds, supported by Latrobe University, is proud to present thisspecialty twilight for 2017   Burns Management Caring for a patient with superficial and partial thickness burns in the community setting can be challenging for clinicians. The decision of whether to treat or refer a patient onto a tertiary institution for care can be

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Master of Nursing- Wound Management

Master of Nursing -Wound Management This subject provides the student with an opportunity to understand the foundation concepts that underpin effective wound management. It is recommended for health professionals working in a variety of settings including primary care, community care, acute care and specialised wound care services. Case studies are used to encourage students to

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Resource : Nutrition and Wound Healing

How Does Nutrition Affect Wound Healing Rates? Nurtrition plays a significant part of the wound healing process. What you eat, can directly affect the time it takes for a would to heal. This guide provides information about risk factors, nuritional information and implementation strategies to assist with the wound healing process. Right click this link

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