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Speciality Night: Lymphodema

Hi World of Wounds Friends, The first seminar will be Lymphodema Speciality night, with a whole night in the presence of the acclaimed specialist Maree O’Connor. Venue: The Alfred Centre, The Alfred Hospital Level 4 Time: 5:30pm-8:30pm *registration at 5pm Thursday August 10th 2017 Cost: $210 Please see the attached flyer for more information, and

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Speciality Night: Burns

World of Wounds, supported by Latrobe University, is proud to present thisspecialty twilight for 2017   Burns Management Caring for a patient with superficial and partial thickness burns in the community setting can be challenging for clinicians. The decision of whether to treat or refer a patient onto a tertiary institution for care can be

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Next Education Course: Wound Comprehensive 4 Day Course

Wound Comprehensive 4 Day Course Unravelling the complexities of wound care. This program is designed for community nurses, aged care nurses, acute care nurses, outreach nurses, practice nurses, and others attending wound care-podiatrists, OT, physio, pharmacists and medical students.The program will challenge some current practices and involve workshops on problem solving, describing wound tissue, setting

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Master of Nursing- Wound Management

Master of Nursing -Wound Management This subject provides the student with an opportunity to understand the foundation concepts that underpin effective wound management. It is recommended for health professionals working in a variety of settings including primary care, community care, acute care and specialised wound care services. Case studies are used to encourage students to

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Victoria Wound Australia Twilight Seminar

Education / Events More Info: Wounds Australia(Vic) provides education seminars with twice yearly Twilight seminars held in Melbourne on an evening weekday with trade displays and guest speakers providing the latest information and research in wound care. Victoria’s Regional areas also have access to these events, with live streaming of the seminar to several Regional

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Resource : Nutrition and Wound Healing

How Does Nutrition Affect Wound Healing Rates? Nurtrition plays a significant part of the wound healing process. What you eat, can directly affect the time it takes for a would to heal. This guide provides information about risk factors, nuritional information and implementation strategies to assist with the wound healing process. Right click this link

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