WoW Team is made up of Wound Consultants and Nurse Practitioner’s aided to assist in providing education to the community and the acute care setting.

This is in terms of wound management, wound skills and assisting in the burden of disease wounds can carry across the lifespan.

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  1. Jeannette Henderson Reply

    On 18 May 2017 the NZ Wound Care Society will be holding its 8th National Conference. We want to encourage nurses to study more and so would like to have an Education stand. On the stand we want to have information on all courses on Wound Care and Wound Management that are being offered across NZ and Australia. We would be grateful if you could send us some of your information on the Wound courses that you are currently running and future courses.
    Many thanks Jeannette Henderson – NZWCS Administrator

    • admin Reply

      Hi Jeannette
      That would be wonderful. Feel free to download the 2017 calander and advise it at your event
      Thank you for thinking of us. What is your event details so we can advise it on the WoW Website. Do you have a flyer?

      WoW Team

  2. Kazim Topal Reply


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  3. Dianne Elliott Reply

    Hi Jeannette,

    I have previously been to WOW educational days with Jan Rice and she has always said if having an issue with a chronic wound we could send photos and she would given us her advice on what products and regime we may use to help aid the healing. Is that something that you still do? I work as a Primary Nurse and have a patient that is fantastic for her age at 91 walking with nil aids and living on her own. She has chronic leg ulcers on her lower left leg. There is poor vascular supply that may soon be corrected by surgery (Right has already been done) but currently has very painful ulcers. We have used Flaminal Hydro and Forte with Allevyn gentle border. We have also tried Betadine. We almost get them better and another breaks down. Can you help? I could send a couple of photos.

    • admin Reply

      Hi Dianne
      You are more than welcome to email us at worldofwounds@latrobe.edu.au and we can assist you with your wound care challenges. Remember that World of Wounds is an education platform, so we can guide you in short courses that can help to advance your knowledge. From the message you are more looking for advanced consultancy advise, in which we have a Nurse Practitioner, and Clinical Nurse Consultant on the team. So if you email us we will be able to point you in the right direction.
      Kind regards
      World of Wounds Team

  4. shima Reply

    Good afternoon from Sydney,
    I am keen for the wound comprehensive -4 day course running at Latrobe University-Alfred Campus.
    Wound anyone be able to give me the full address of this university please?? Would there be cheaper accommodation available nearby or in the University?
    World of wounds, I would appreciate if I can find your contact number too please.
    Kindly Regards

    • admin Reply

      Hi Shima
      This is great!
      Please go to the 2018 Education Tab on this website and you will see all the course dates and times for 2018.
      If you have any further queries you can email us on worldofwounds@latrobe.edu.au

      Merry Christmas
      WoW Team

  5. Sharnee Reply

    Are any of your courses available to do online? trying to find wound care courses to further my knowledge/skills, however am based in QLD

    • admin Reply

      Hi Sharnee
      We have our online component for the debridement course, but nothing solely online. Have you accessed Wounds Australia website? As they have scholarships every January and July to assist in Wound Education Funding.

      We hope to see you in Melbourne one day in 2019!
      – Chloe (WoW Team)

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