Upcoming Workshops

We have a range of upcoming workshops on various wound topics throughout the year. Click here to see a list of our workshops.

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Product Reviews

A balanced and comprehensive review of medical products by our experts.

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Articles of Interest

Discover our collection of useful and informative articles. A great resource for those wanting to build their knowledge of wound care.

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ANZAB Burns Conference 2019

ANZBA Seminar 2019

  ANZBA BURN NURSING SEMINAR 2019 Burn Care from Injury to Recovery Registrations now open:  https://anzba.org.au/education/nursing-seminar/ 28th and 29th June, 2019 Auckland, New Zealand Call for Abstracts   Abstracts open 28 January 2019 Abstracts close 28 February 2019 Notification of acceptance by 8 March 2019   Abstracts of up to 250 words are to be submitted for an

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2019 WoW Education Packages and Calendar

Hi WoW Friends, We have some exciting new education programs for 2019!! Due to the overwhelming success of the Wound Week, we are going to continue the tradition into 2019. This includes more options of education and guest lecturers. Whether you are just starting your wound management passion, or wanting to advance in wound management

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Resource : Nutrition and Wound Healing

How Does Nutrition Affect Wound Healing Rates? Nurtrition plays a significant part of the wound healing process. What you eat, can directly affect the time it takes for a would to heal. This guide provides information about risk factors, nuritional information and implementation strategies to assist with the wound healing process. Right click this link

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Managing Wounds as a Team

Working in teams is an important part of delivering top-level health care. This report examines the problems of a lack of unified services available of wound patients with complex needs.   Click the link below to get started.   http://ewma.org/fileadmin/user_upload/EWMA/pdf/EWMA_Projects/Interdisciplinary/AAWC_AWMA_EWMA_ManagingWoundAsATeam.pdf

Reducing Antibiotic Resistance

Below you’ll find a fascinating article about the development of antibiotic resistance in the modern world, the causes and ramifications. Click on the link and on the next page select ‘view PDF’. http://www.woundsinternational.com/journal-content/view/ten-top-tips-reducing-antibiotic-resistance